Finding the Right Decathlon Resistance Band

Decathlon Resistance Band is one to consider. Before attaining an hourglass shape or toned muscles, it is imperative to enhance the core muscular strength for a fit and healthy life. For bolstering the inner strength, fundamental exercises such as pull-ups work best, especially when combined with pull up resistance band.

These training brands are competent for any workout session. It functions best to engage the upper body muscles and strengthens biceps, chest, and shoulder. So to make workout sessions more enduring and challenging, users can bring home decathlon resistance band, available in a wide variety.

Why should you choose Decathlon Resistance Bands?

Chest Fly

Resistance bands are available in various variants and colors, but Decathlon has premium bands that can help the user attain the following benefits.

1. Full Body Workout Session

Decathlon resistance bands aid in a full-body workout even while the users are traveling or working out at home. So even without a treadmill or heavyweights, users can grab a decathlon band and continue their fitness regime.

2. Aids in muscular stretching

Decathlon stretching bands are excellent equipment for stretching body muscles. Users can relieve muscular tension, especially in lower back and neck, by performing simple exercises with the elastic bands.

3. Tones the muscles

With an array of decathlon resistance bands available online, users can quickly tone up their muscles and get the desired body shape. Hence these resistance bands enable the muscles to contract as they provide resistance, thereby creating muscular tension. So with increased resistance, the muscles have to work hard for movement and in-process gain the desired shape.

4. Ease of Use and Portability

Decathlon offers a range of resistance bands that are portable and fit in a bag. Even when there is no provision for visiting the gym or during trips and treks, users can easily fit it in their bag and perform stretching during their convenient time. Besides, they are affordable, which makes investing in them worth the money.

How to select the best Decathlon Resistance Bands?

Decathlon offers a wide range of resistance bands curated for specified user requirements. 

1. If the user plans on improving the lower body strength, especially glutes, thighs, etc. they can select the Decathlon Mini Rubber Resistance band, which is available in a pack of 3.

2. For improving cross-training, Decathlon offers four types of Elastic Cross-Training Band available in 33lb, 55lb, 77.2lb, and 99lb. These bands aid in developing muscular power, flexibility, shin –ups, and stretching.

3. To tone the torso, shoulder, abs, back, arms, and glutes, the Medium Resistance Band 500 at Decathlon are effective. It is durable and slows full-body stretching at home or gym. Decathlon also has high and low resistance, elastic bands, as per the user’s requirements.

4. The Rubber Pilates Resistance Band at Decathlon is curated for Pilates workout to strengthen the overall muscles. It is available in 3 colors, each depicting a resistance level.

5. For resistance-based workout at home, users can select the Pilates Toning Fabric Elastic Band 4 Loops 500 so that aids in toning arms and legs.


Levering 40 years of expertise in the retail sports industry realm, Decathlon has earned global acclamation. It offers a wide range of sports equipment, especially the resistance bands, which have gained utmost popularity today. So investing in decathlon products is indeed beneficial.

Your Ultimate Guide To Host Virtual Events with just a Click

Host Virtual Events? Are you worried about it? If you are new to virtual events, then it can seem not easy! Networking in a virtual event seems almost impossible!

With the prevailing conditions around the world, more and more events are moving to the virtual world. This includes both large and small events. It is better to get used to this new reality.

With the prevailing conditions around the world, more and more events are moving to the virtual world. This includes both large and small events. It is better to get used to this new reality.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning to Host Virtual Events.

Use these pointers as a guide, and you will navigate the virtual world easily.

Use these pointers as a guide, and you will navigate the virtual world easily. 

Host Virtual Events- Types Of Event

What kind of virtual event (1) you want to host is very important.

  • Talk or presentation
  • Panel discussions
  • One to one chat
  • Ask me anything with an audience
  • Virtual social meet-ups 

Each type will have its format, and you can decide how much interaction will be there

Pricing the event

The initial cost of a virtual event includes the cost of streaming and any gifts and giveaways. You can get some good ideas from Virtual Event Printing for the same. Apart from this, there could be marketing costs as well as payments to experts and speakers. The price will depend on how many people will join the event and how long it will be. Depending on the event, you can make it completely free or charge a nominal fee. For much-in-demand events, the price will be more. 

Right Time

Picking the correct date and time for hosting a virtual event is very important. It would be best if you did a little research before deciding the time and date. Ensure that no other competing event is being hosted at the same time or date. Depending on the event, holidays can be good or bad. If it is a global event, then time zones have to be considered. Try to pick a time which is suitable for most people. You can also find out when is the target audience mostly online for better reach. 

Plan Well For Attendees

Technology is great for connecting people, but errors also creep in! It is best to prepare a guide on how best to attend the event and share it with people who attend. It should have all information about the event and sessions as well as about the tools required to attend. You can prepare short videos welcoming them and make them more comfortable. 


If people don’t come face to face and shake hands, can they still network? Yes, they can, and more and more people realize this. With extensive social media, it is possible to network and connect with people quite easily. You can even make an app or offer a platform for them to connect. After this, they can schedule one to one appointment and take it further. Create chat groups and video calling to make virtual networking effective.

Virtual events are known for its the ability to connect communities and individuals and coming together for a purpose.

To add on

You can try spicing up your virtual events with corporate gifts that will wow your guests! However, it is important to know the ethics, the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to gifting.

With these points to guide, you will be on your way to host a virtual event successfully! 


Host Virtual Events:

Corporate Gifts:

Benefits of Virtual Events:

Celebratory Custom Corporate Gifts

Presenting Celebratory custom corporate gifts to employees, customers and suppliers is an essential and common public relations strategy. It is not unusual for corporate custom companies to gift clients a token of appreciation for their association with them.

As a result, companies choose December holidays ideal to gift their clients. It is a gesture of appreciation for the sales and performance of the company that year.  There are many key factors that drive the idea of customization.

Ethics For Giving Corporate Gifts

Ethics For Giving Corporate Gifts

It is important to always understand the gift policy of the client’s company so a few companies tend to not accept corporate gifts as per company policy. So companies should be cautious that the gifts chosen do not create a wrong impression or embarrass the recipient.

Things To Remember Gifting Christmas Custom Corporate Gifts:

Things To Remember Gifting Christmas Custom Corporate Gifts

It is important to identify whether the gifts are appropriate for the clients. These might vary depending on the relationship with the client because companies tend to be more appreciative of their long term clients. Companies tend to gift them more personal gifts.

Custom Corporate Gifts are a hit among corporates as the clients feel a sense of personal touch with the gifts received. So companies should understand the personality of the clients to finalize a gift.

Most companies prefer giving daily using items like mugs, calendars, and bags which are printed with their logos.

So Companies are advised to take note of the way gift is wrapped and presented that creates a good first impression for the clients. Customization is one upcoming trend that many corporate personnel is looking into.

Cash is a big no-no for Celebratory custom corporate gifts as cash looks like a bribe and creates ethical questions.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate Gifting Ideas

There are a lot of options for festival corporate gifts that the companies could choose from depending on their client relationship. Hence, gifting food items for Christmas has been a favorite and easy option to choose from for a corporate.

Gifting of gourmet baskets along with personalized food items for Diwali would definitely win a client’s heart. So wine and liquor is an old-time favorite for all corporate and they feel it is ideal for Christmas Eve. Otherwise, you can try traditional corporate gifts if you’re facing a client whom of status and seniority.

Companies are making donations in the name of their clients to NGOs and other charities. So having given regular celebratory corporate gifts, companies feel giving donations to NGOs is different and adds corporate value.


Custom Corporate Gifts:

Traditional Corporate Gifts:

Factors that Drives Customisation:

Do you need an event planner to plan pre-event activities for dinner and dance?

Do you need to hire an event planner to organize pre-event activities for dinner and dance? Why do it yourself?

If you have a gathering where you want something personalized, taking care of all the pre-event activities would seem more plausible. This is when you can keep everything under your control and take care of a small scale of activities. You can focus on every little detail, and it often works with activities for private groups.

Why hire a planner?

When you are the host, it doesn’t mean that you should not have some fun. There are pre-event activities that you, as a host, can take part as well. The following are the benefits that you get when you hire an event planner to take care of the pre-event activities for dinner and dance.

· Professionals in each segment would handle the activity. If you take up something like pottery, face painting, airbrush tattoo, or caricature, you need experts. They should be well-versed in the respective areas to carry out the task without any hassles. Event planners find it easy to get in touch with such experts, and therefore you can be sure of working with the best in the field. You should trust your party in their hands, as they know the best for your party.

· You might not have time to focus on your guests if you are busy monitoring the pre-event activities alone. There is the reception of the guests, dining, and dance arena activities. Handling them all by yourself would not be possible. Therefore you can leave the pre-event activities part to the event planner and be a good host taking care of your guests instead. However, you can also play a part as a Host to ensure things are going well, you got to know some Tips for hosting a stress-free dinner party!

· There is a lot of stress involved in multitasking during a party or dinner and dance event. Event planners help lift that load off your shoulders and therefore let you enjoy the event better. You can also take part in the pre-event activities along with your guests and lighten the situation like an excellent host. By engaging, this can allow your guests to be more relaxed at our event, making it even more successful.

· You might need the best props and merchandise that guests can take with them for some of the pre-event activities. For the customized printed fashion and corporate gifts during your Dinner and Dance pre-event activities, you need the templates. You also need other sophisticated tools to execute the activity. An event planner would make it easy to organize all the supplies. This can help set up the booth for that particular event. From the printers to handle t-shirt printing to the t-shirts and other surfaces where the customized prints can be made, the event planner can help with all the ingredients. Event planners can help with all the preparation whilst you can pay attention to your guests. You can also supervise other aspects of the event instead.

For offering several such benefits choosing an event planner for your pre-event activities for dinner and dance would be the right decision that also brings good value for the money you spend on your party or corporate event. 


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Corporate Gifts Idea:

Top 10 Traditional Corporate Gifts

Everybody loves gifts and there can be no exceptions. Gifting somebody is a very normal and informal thing. But when it comes to business, it is very formal and thoughtful. There are a lot of options available in the market for the corporates to choose from. The big list includes both traditional and latest ones matching the upcoming technological trends.

When it is time for celebration, there is an expectation from every side for gifts and so with the corporates.  Corporates should think out of the box and innovatively when they think of corporate gifting.  They should also be very careful to avoid any repetitions. Keep the clients in suspense and astonish them with an ultimate one.

Some top class traditional corporate gifting ideas:

1. Pens and Pensets: Any occasion, the first gift thought that comes to mind is a pen or a pen set. This suits all age groups and one of the simple and elegant corporate gifts to give away. They can be presented in a neat box or a holder or even with a beautiful table top, nicely wrapped in glitters. They can also be custom made adding value to the special gifting occasion. Latest vogue this year in the market is the CZ crystal, pearl finish stylus pens.

2. Mugs: Gifting coffee mugs as handouts give a personal touch to the client and employees. Though very simple, they remind the recipient of the employer and the company every time they take a coffee break. The latest trend is personalising them with names and sun signs.

3. Paperweights: These might sound very plain but are very valuable. Designer paperweights add to the attraction and beauty of the table.

4. Phone Holders: Mobile phone holders are very impressive and thoughtful corporate gifts. They come in beautiful styles, colours and sizes and are very easy to pick up in bulk.

5. Diaries: Diaries and organisers are very common yet useful gifts. They might sound very regular but the value they carry is indispensable. Diaries and organisers are an important asset for an employee and making it personalised adds more color and merit to it.

6. Cuff links: Cuff links as corporate gifts will go as a big surprise to the employees and clients. They might be very expensive but gifting them will show the employee how important he is to the organisation and the organisation`s care towards him.

7. Travel bags: Travel bags are also a good choice as corporate gifts. This will also promote the company`s brand by making its name visible everytime its carried.

8. Photo Frames: Gifting a photoframe with either a team click or an organisation click will be the best corporate gifting option. This will remind the person about the special occasion every time he takes a look at it. They can also be ordered in bulk.

9. Card Holders: An essential on everybody`s table; card holders go as a priceless gift to the clients and employees.

10. Food Items: Last but not the least, sweet/nut/chocolate boxes- are all time favorite traditional corporate gifts.

Click here if you are looking to order corporate gifts in Singapore.

Limiting The Scope To Socialise Is The Reason Why You Should Not Add A Photo Booth For Corporate Events

Photo booths are the new craze in any party. Be it a wedding, a birthday or any gathering, photo booths are a great way to keep guests engaged and let them have fun.
Photo booths can be custom made too. You can get creative and design your own photo booth as per your imagination. Readymade photo booths are very expensive and thus may not be affordable by all. Instead you could do a DIY photo booth #InstaPrint. This does not cost you a bomb and lets you try a wide range of ideas.
There are a few disadvantages of setting up a photo booth in corporate events
The answer to why you should not add a photo booth for corporate events is listed below:
• Corporate events are not informal meetings. They tend to be more formal with pre- planned agendas and discussions.
• It is not a good idea to set up a photo booth during these events because there is a high chance that employees may get distracted and may not be able to concentrate completely on the topics discussed in the meeting.
• It is best if photo booths are avoided from corporate events so that the real purpose of the event is not compromised on.
Photo booths are expensive
Photo booths are expensive and may not be affordable by all corporate.
1) Corporate events keep happening often. The expense of setting up a photo booth may not be feasible every time.
2) There is an additional expense of hiring a professional photographer during these events. Since all corporate are trying to save cost, photo booths only add on to the expense.
3) A corporate event may have a number of guests. Thus a single photo booth will not suffice. You will need to set up multiple photo booths to avoid queue in one.
4) Along with setting up multiple photo booths you will also need to hire the same number of professional photographers. Unnecessary expense is the reason why you should not add a photo booth for corporate events.
Photo booths limit interaction between different team members
• Corporate events are done to have a team binding. Not all events may be very formal, but all have the same agenda to instil team spirit in the employees.
• Corporate events also lets one get introduced to people in various other departments.
• Many games and activities planned during corporate events are designed keeping in mind the need to encourage employees to think out of the box and work towards a common goal as a team.
• Photo booths on the other hand can be enjoyed only by a few at a time. Thus employees will be stuck to socialising only with a limited number of people or only to their own folks and will not get a chance to mingle with other guests.
• There is no scope of any team work activity when setting up a photo booth. This is the main reason why you should not add a photo booth for corporate events.