Top 10 Traditional Corporate Gifts

Everybody loves gifts and there can be no exceptions. Gifting somebody is a very normal and informal thing. But when it comes to business, it is very formal and thoughtful. There are a lot of options available in the market for the corporates to choose from. The big list includes both traditional and latest ones matching the upcoming technological trends.

When it is time for celebration, there is an expectation from every side for gifts and so with the corporates.  Corporates should think out of the box and innovatively when they think of corporate gifting.  They should also be very careful to avoid any repetitions. Keep the clients in suspense and astonish them with an ultimate one.

Some top class traditional corporate gifting ideas:

1. Pens and Pensets: Any occasion, the first gift thought that comes to mind is a pen or a pen set. This suits all age groups and one of the simple and elegant corporate gifts to give away. They can be presented in a neat box or a holder or even with a beautiful table top, nicely wrapped in glitters. They can also be custom made adding value to the special gifting occasion. Latest vogue this year in the market is the CZ crystal, pearl finish stylus pens.

2. Mugs: Gifting coffee mugs as handouts give a personal touch to the client and employees. Though very simple, they remind the recipient of the employer and the company every time they take a coffee break. The latest trend is personalising them with names and sun signs.

3. Paperweights: These might sound very plain but are very valuable. Designer paperweights add to the attraction and beauty of the table.

4. Phone Holders: Mobile phone holders are very impressive and thoughtful corporate gifts. They come in beautiful styles, colours and sizes and are very easy to pick up in bulk.

5. Diaries: Diaries and organisers are very common yet useful gifts. They might sound very regular but the value they carry is indispensable. Diaries and organisers are an important asset for an employee and making it personalised adds more color and merit to it.

6. Cuff links: Cuff links as corporate gifts will go as a big surprise to the employees and clients. They might be very expensive but gifting them will show the employee how important he is to the organisation and the organisation`s care towards him.

7. Travel bags: Travel bags are also a good choice as corporate gifts. This will also promote the company`s brand by making its name visible everytime its carried.

8. Photo Frames: Gifting a photoframe with either a team click or an organisation click will be the best corporate gifting option. This will remind the person about the special occasion every time he takes a look at it. They can also be ordered in bulk.

9. Card Holders: An essential on everybody`s table; card holders go as a priceless gift to the clients and employees.

10. Food Items: Last but not the least, sweet/nut/chocolate boxes- are all time favorite traditional corporate gifts.

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